small budget with big results

If you’re starting out as a small business, you already know that you’ll need a website. However, you may not have the massive funds needed for a huge, detailed website, and you most likely don’t have the time to build one yourself. And this is how I can help you.

I can build you a completely customized, yet simple website for your business in minimal time to get your business rolling as quickly as possible. My services even include domain registration, hosting setup, and basic search engine optimization (SEO). And, I can do all of this for a low flat rate, depending on the number of pages, plugins, etc., that will fit the small budget of your small business.

Don’t let the low price fool you; I am a professional. I have worked with fantastic web developers over the years, and I’ve become a bit of an expert in terms of web development and setup. I have a Master’s degree in Technical Writing, and I have Google Adwords certifications in both Adwords Fundamentals and Search, which says I know a lot about SEO and search engine marketing.

In other words, I promise you that your content will not be sub-par, and your small budget website will most definitely not have a small budget feel. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, and I’m all about bringing the kaboom.

Please look at my samples and then contact me for a quote.

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simply brand yourself

A proper logo design that fully embodies who you are, what your business is, and the color of your business (seriously, the color) is almost as important as what your website says. Sometimes coming up with the logo is one of the first things you will do as a business owner, as you will need it for business cards, letterhead, email signatures, etc. But if you haven’t created a logo yet, or you have been wanting a new logo, I may be able to help you with that.

For one low flat rate, we can create a logo that suits and represents your business perfectly. We will send you 2-3 rough samples for you to review and select your favorite. If you’re unsure about colors, we will be happy to provide suggestions.

All we will require is a non-refundable down payment up front, and no other payment  will be requested until you have the logo you want.

Want to learn more? Fantastic. Tell me what you want!

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googlify your business

Google Apps is the easiest and one of the most secure methods to setting up email and cloud stoorge with your domain name. Many web hosting services offer email as part of their hosting packges, but none of these options are as versatile and easy to use as Google Apps.

If you’ve used gmail before, then you know exactly what to expect with Google Apps email. The process for logging in, reading and sending mail, and organizing email is the same. If you’ve never, used gmail before, take heart in knowing that using Google for email is very clean and intuitive. You can even set up your email on your smartphone with ease, thanks to Google Apps. As an extra bonus, Google Apps is free for small businesses with less than 10 employees.

In addition to custom email, Google Apps provides a calendar system that you can share amongst all of your employees, which is great for tracking who has appointments and when. The calendar ccan even be made accessible to other people outside of your company if needed or pasted into your website for easy visitor viewing.

Not to mention, Google Apps has a cloud document service, so that all of your company and client documents can be saved on the Google cloud  for easy sharing, viewing, editing, and storing. No need to set up your own server for storge and schedule backups when Google does that for you

Plus, there are thousands of apps in the Google Marketplace that you can add to your service to help you run your business more smoothly. Many of them are also free!

So what are you waiting for? Googlify your business today so that you can start running your business and not worry about how you will run it. I am quite the whiz when it comes to setting up Google Apps accounts in a flash, so there is no need to worry about the hassle of setting up Google Apps yourself. Google Apps installation and setup is part of many of our web packages, and I’d be happy to set it up for you for a low flat rate, even if you don’t have me develop your webite.

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